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Happy Hippy - Lush Product Review

Ahhh…Happy Hippy. This was the first shower gel I bought from Lush and boy am I glad I did!

Cost: $27.95 for 500 mL, $17.95 for 250 mL, $9.95 for 100 mL. I’ve had this bottle for almost half a year now! I don’t even use a loofah and I’m pretty generous in washing myself so a little bit goes a long way.

Cleansing: Loveee it. No matter how dirty or muddy I am after playing Ultimate Frisbee/Volleyball it does a great job of cleaning. It lathers very nicely! The consistency is just right. Not runny but not thick either. Doesn’t leave my skin dry either. I also use Happy Hippy as a shampoo sometimes when I’m lazy and it does a great job too of cleaning my hair and making it smell amazingg. 

Scent: I know it’s supposed to be like grapefruit but it really reminds me of Sprite! Maybe it depends on where it’s made but it’s an interesting and uplifting smell. 

Go get it! You won’t regret that you did :)

Overall: 5/5

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